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Instructional Certification and Level II Information

Certifications are governed and issued by the PA Department of Education.  Copies of your certification are available through the TIMS system.  Certification information and TIMS may be accessed through PDE's website.
If  you receive a new certification or are issued your Level II, please send a copy of those updated certifications to Human Resources.
Applying for your Level II Certification:
Applications for your Level II or permanent certification must be submitted through your TIMS account.  PDE guidelines govern your Level II certification and should be reviewed by an applicant. Information about Level II requirements is available on PDE's website 
In general, to receive your Level II certification an educator must complete 1) 3-6 years of eligible teaching on the certification at issue; 2) at least 24 PDE approved semester credits past a bachelor's degree; and 3) complete an induction program. You must apply for your Level II certification before you have completed 6 years of eligible service on your certification. Please refer to links below for information about creditable service. 
Calculating Creditable Service Tool: