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The Business Department provides support and fiscal guidance to school administration and staff for task associated with the non-academic areas of the School District. 
Accounting - The Accounting Department is responsible for the accounting of General Fund, Capital Fund and Bond transactions.  The Accounts Payable Department processes all payments relating to the District's financial obligations.  
Food Services - The Food Service Department is responsible for the preparation and serving of nutritious meals to both students and staff.
Insurances - The Business Department is responsible for the administration of all insurances, including property/casualty and liability insurance policies.  The Business Department also manages, files and processes all Workers' Compensation claims.
Payroll - The Payroll Department is responsible for processing  payroll for employees, as well as the transmission of EIT, state and federal taxes. 
Purchasing - The Purchasing Department is responsible for the purchasing of materials and supplies, while adhering to applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.
Maintenance - The Maintenance Department is responsible for facilities improvements, capital projects and construction oversight, as well as the maintenance of grounds and facilities throughout the District.  The Bensalem Township School District consists of one high school, two middle schools, and six elementary schools.
Transportation - The Transportation Department is responsible for transporting students, route scheduling, the operations and maintenance of the bus fleet and maintenance vehicles. 
    Name     Title     Contact Information
Business Administrators:    
John Steffy Director of Business Operations 215-750-2800, Ext. 4200
Michael Bevilacqua Financial Manager 215-750-2800, Ext. 4203
Brett Haskin Accounting Supervisor 215-750-2800, Ext. 4204
George Moore Purchasing Agent 215-750-2800, Ext. 4211
Clerical Staff:    
Kathy Baumann Accounting Secretary 215-750-2800, Ext. 4016
Lisa Shaw Purchasing Secretary 215-750-2800, Ext. 4210
Melissa Bailey Payroll Technician 215-750-2800, Ext. 4019
Charlene Derry Payroll Technician 215-750-2800, Ext. 4018
Karen Berue Accounts Payable Technician 215-750-2800, Ext. 4017
Joan Guzzardo Accounts Payable Technician 215-750-2800, Ext. 4020
Beth Ann Dove Secretary to the Director of Business Operations 215-750-2800, Ext. 4200
Food Services Department:    
Polly Welch Food Services Coordinator 215-750-2800, Ext. 4209
Crystal DiGiacomo Asst. Food Services Coordinator 215-750-2800, Ext. 4208
Sandy Dannas Food Svc. Secretary 215-750-2800, Ext. 4080
Facilities Department:    
John Mathieu Assistant Manager of Facilities 215-750-2800, Ext.  4307
Robin Fanini Coordinator of Facilities 215-750-2800, Ext.  4309
Mark Fankhouser Coordinator of Custodial Services 215-750-2800, Ext.  4302
Patti Madden Facilities Secretary 215-750-2800, Ext.  4300
Lisa Shaw Facilities Secretary 215-750-2800, Ext.  4301
Transportation Department:    
Ronnie Walters Route Technician 215-750-2800, Ext.  4402
Jamie Panek Route Data Analyst 215-750-2800, Ext.  4403
Patricia Windfelder Transportation Secretary 215-750-2800, Ext.  4412