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All parents/guardians are hereby notified that, under Pennsylvania law, the Bensalem Township School District has no liability for payment of any medical expenses associated with a student health problem or injury that occurs on school property. 
In recognition that everyone does not have medical insurance coverage, the Bensalem Township School District is offering parents an opportunity to purchase student supplemental accident insurance for the 2023/2024 school year.
This policy also includes supplemental accident insurance coverage for students participating as team members in both Middle School and High School interscholastic sports, but does not replace parent medical insurance as the primary coverage UNLESS coverage does not exist.*  In addition to scheduled athletic events, coverage also extends to practice sessions.
*Middle School and High School band members and cheerleaders are covered as well under this policy.
This policy does not extend to those times when a student is not participating in a scheduled game or practice. 
It is extremely important to remember that the Student Accident policy will not, in every instance, completely cover the FULL cost of an injury.  The policy only pays in accordance with the terms of the policy.  If you have any questions about coverage or claims, please contact A-G Administrators at 610-933-0800.
Please note, this policy is effective between parents/students and A-G Administrators/United States Fire Insurance Company.