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Library Media Skills

Library media skills are most successfully learned as an integral part of the total curriculum. They are characterized by emphasis on increasing mastery of the information problem-solving process, as well as experience with additional specialized sources of information. Important topics include: quality databases, search strategies and techniques, evaluating information, bibliographic format, avoiding plagiarism, locating materials, and the use of other libraries, the Internet, and community resources.
Bensalem Township School District Librarians

Bensalem High School: Mrs. King
Shafer Middle School:  Ms. McDonough
Snyder Middle School: Ms. McDonough
Belmont Elementary School: Ms. Krych
Cornwells Elementary School: Ms. Krych, Mrs. Walsh, Ms. Fitzpatrick, Ms. Lobban
Faust Elementary School: Mrs. Walsh
Rush Elementary School: Ms. Lobban
Struble Elementary School: Ms. Fitzpatrick
Valley Elementary School: Mr. Meyer