Human Resources » OPEN ENROLLMENT 2023: Medical, Rx, FSA, Dental, Supplemental Life Insurance

OPEN ENROLLMENT 2023: Medical, Rx, FSA, Dental, Supplemental Life Insurance

Why Open Enrollment is Important: Open enrollment is an eligible employee's annual opportunity to join a District insurance plan, change a plan, leave a plan, or add or remove eligible dependents.  Don't miss this small window to make a change!  Such changes are prohibited during the rest of the year unless there is a qualifying life event.  It is the Employee’s responsibility to notify Human Resources of any “life event/status change” such as marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of child(ren), death of a family member who is covered by district insurance, etc.  There is a 30 day window from the date of a “life event” to make changes to your coverage.  Changes not made within the 30-day window have to wait until the next open enrollment.
Memos containing open enrollment information are attached below.  Please read those documents in their entirety.   
There are no changes to the benefit plans from the past few years. 
Individual rate sheets showing your contribution share to the premium will be provided by email.  Your contribution share is based on your employee group's collective bargaining agreement or policy.  If you cannot locate the rate sheet or have any questions, please reach out to Elizabeth Jones at [email protected]
Click on this link for a presentation from the Bucks & Montgomery County Consortium regarding open enrollment:
Medical and Rx Plan Summaries
Medical and Prescription plans are tied together as listed below

Medical                                               Rx

BMCS Point of Service (POS)           10/15/30

BMCS Open Choice 1                        5/20/35
BMCS Open Choice 2                        5/35/50
BMCS Open Choice 3                        5/35/50
Please review the Medical Plan Summary Comparison Chart for a side by side comparison of the plans including most frequently used services.  More specific information is included in the plan summaries. Summaries for Medical and Rx plans are attached below. 
Flex Spending Account

Open enrollment for FSA will begin shortly.  The district is changing vendors for the 2023/2024 school year.  Check back for for more information as it becomes available.


Dental Benefits
Dental benefits have not changed in any group, however, there has been a small increase in premium costs which will be shown in the dental rates.  The dental rates have been reset by our broker to reflect claims and this years' increase.  ESPA and Cafeteria and COBRA employees must complete an enrollment form if they want to enroll, withdraw, or make changes to their plan.  Other groups are automatically enrolled in the dental plan. 
Reach out to Elizabeth Jones at [email protected]  if you need benefit summaries for your group or visit the dental benefits tab on this website.
Vision Benefits: No changes. Vision insurance is automatic for all medical insurance enrollees. Plan Description Document is below.
Annual Notices: Please see documents attached below for important annual notices. Annual notices are also located year-round on the Human Resources Department webpage under "Annual Notices to Staff."  Please see that tab for other important annual notices.