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Our Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers

The Bensalem Education Foundation (BEF) is pleased to recognize 
our 2021-2022 volunteers:

BEF Board

William Lewis – Co-President

CJ Mills – Co-President

Kevin McKay – Vice President

Marc Cohen – Treasurer

Jessica Ody – Secretary

Stacey Champion - Member

Jenifer Gebhardt - Member

Fred Harran – Member

Stacy Kutner - Member

Samuel Lee – Member

Val Ridge – Member

Michael Stewart - Member



Joshua Albert                        Josh Luther            

Mark Banchi                          Katherine Matvekina           

Devon Bombay                      Virginia McKkay                                                                                  

Michael Craig                         Maryellen Phillips

Shanna Cummings                 Susan Phy

Sharon Dennis                       Carolyn Reilly

Ralph Douglass                      Steve Rosenberg                                   

William Ferrara                       Jeanette Schilling

Leann Hart                              Kathy Seidman                              

James Hawk, Jr.                      Karen Sibley 

Jared Heller                             Chris Sterman                                  

Anna Hentz                              Dan Walker                                     

Leonore Hope                          James Andrew Windhausen                                        

Pat Hughes                              James Winward                                     

Charles Keiser                                  



BEF School Liaisons

Belmont – Lauren Miller

Cornwells – Jen Dezure

Faust – Lou Cacchio

Rush – Kristin Ritter

Struble – Michelle Klucsarits

Valley – Jon Winters

Shafer – TBD

Snyder – Karen Marshall

High School – C J Mills, Natalie Hinshaw

BEF would also like to recognize and thank the following supporters: 
  • PARX Casinos for unrestricted grant for use in high school renovation.
  • Bensalem Alumni Association for partnering with us on the "Owl Walk" project.
  • Philly Fleadh Productions have supported the Bensalem Education Foundation in various capacities since our inception, including monetary donations form the Celtic Christmas Concert and Philadelphia Fleadh totaling well over $10,000.
  • The staff and educators throughout the district who have participated in the First Monday events.
  • The numerous community and school district volunteers who have donated their time by joining
    committees or otherwise helping to support BEF's efforts.
  • Everyone who has assisted the BHS Fightin' Robotic Owls (FRO) Team #5401 in their quest to get to the World Championships in St. Louis.