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Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

Parents are urged to help the school district promote safety by discussing with and encouraging their children to apply safety measures while walking to and from and riding the bus to prevent accidents. Misbehavior on buses distracts drivers and endangers lives. Drivers are instructed in safety procedures and report discipline problems to the principals. The bus discipline policy is included in the student handbook for anyone who needs more information. Bus evacuation drills are held twice yearly to teach students how to leave the bus in emergencies.

Bus Safety Guidelines

As most students travel to school on buses, it is expected that they:
  1. Are on time at the appointed place to meet the bus. Plan to be at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
  2. Obey the bus driver.
  3. Be seated before and until the bus stops.
  4. Keep head and hands in the bus, away from open windows.
  5. Stand in line waiting to get on and off the bus.
  6. Will not run toward a moving bus for loading purposes. All students must walk in an orderly fashion to the bus loading area.
  7. Keep aisle of the bus clear while the bus is in motion.
  8. Show due courtesy to others riding the bus.
  9. Show proper regard for lawn, shrubbery, and other property, whether it be at school or at the loading point.
  10. Refrain from conversation with the operator while the bus is in motion.
  11. Will return directly home (using proper safety procedures) after school from the bus.
  12. Will participate in bus safety drills (according to state law) that are held twice a year immediately upon the bus's arrival at school.
  13. Sit in an assigned seat when requested to do so by an authorized person (bus driver, principal, etc.).
  14. Will remain seated on the chairs provided.
  15. Will speak quietly without disturbing others.
  16. Will walk quietly and orderly upon entering the building and proceeding to the classroom.