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Student Meal Accounts Information

We have changed to a new provider for administration of our student meal accounts.  We are now using 
Why did we change providers?
The SchoolCafe system is being utilized so that now the process is more streamlined.  Parents can apply for the Free or Reduced Meal Programs, deposit money, check students accounts, and see menu/nutritional information all with one login, instead of three different sites.
Will my child's account balance from MySchoolAccount be transferred to the SchoolCafe System?
Balances as of the end of  the 2020 SY were transferred between systems, if you believe there is an issue with your students account, please contact our department at 215-750-2800 Ext. 4080
How does my child purchase items in the Cafeteria?
Starting March 1st a limited variety of snacks will be available for purchase. This new system allows for a touch-less transaction, versus the old use of pin pads. Pin numbers will no longer be used. 
Starting on March 1st, registers are only being use for snack purchases, Cashiers will use the look up feature to access your students account. The system is designed to use barcodes, which will be distributed in the future to all students. 
Each school will have their own system for how purchases will handled within their own cafeterias. Social distancing and other safety protocols will be implemented to allow snacks to be served.
How do I create an account on SchoolCafe?
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