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How School Counselors Can Help

School counselors are certified and hold at least a Master's degree. They provide a myriad of services to students. These services are related to academic, vocational, or personal issues, and may include:
  • Counseling students individually or in groups
  • Consulting with teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Moderating parent-teacher conferences
  • Helping teachers with classroom concerns
  • Providing crisis intervention
  • Assisting in the development of positive self-concept
  • Helping students to learn to make good decisions
  • Connecting parents and students with school and community resources
  • Developing career awareness
  • Facilitating transitions between elementary/middle/high school levels
  • Communicating with parents about program opportunities for their children
  • Identifying academic remediation or acceleration needs
  • Assisting with parenting issues
  • Setting up homebound instruction
  • Coordinating school-wide testing programs
  • Interpreting standardized testing results
  • Referring students for special education evaluations
  • Recognizing students for academic accomplishment
Secondary counselors are also involved with course selection, scheduling concerns, applications to the Bucks County Technical High School, as well as applications to private schools and colleges.
School counselors are usually the best first contact to resolve a problem or concern.