Kindergarten/First Grade Registration (2020)

Kindergarten/First Grade Registration


All registrations take place at the Dorothy D. Call Administrative Center,
3000 Donallen Drive, Bensalem. 

Kindergarten/First Grade Registration begins on Monday, February 3, 2020

8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


After February 3rd, registration will be taken by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 
Please call 215-750-2800, ext. 4047 to schedule an appointment.
***Enroll early to ensure placement in your home school.***


Would you like to meet the principal and see your child's school? Call 215-750-2800, ext. 4101 for more information.

 To be eligible for kindergarten, a child must be five years old on or before August 31st.  

Students currently enrolled in a Bensalem Township School District kindergarten program do not need to register for first grade.  

Those students who are new residents to Bensalem will be admitted to first grade if they have completed kindergarten in another public school district and had met the age requirements for that school district.  Children who have completed a kindergarten program in a private kindergarten will not be able to be enrolled in first grade unless they meet the chronological age requirement. 

 Students who have never completed kindergarten and wish to begin their formal schooling as a first grader must be six years old on or before August 31st. 

 Proof of Immunization must be presented at the time of registration. Pennsylvania state law requires that all children must have the following immunizations before they may ENTER school: 

  • 4 doses of tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (1 dose on or after 4th birthday) (DTaP)
  • 4 doses of polio (4th dose on or after 4th birthday and at least 6 months after previous dose given) (IPV)
  • 2 doses of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)
  • 3 doses of hepatitis B (Hep B)
  • 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) or evidence of immunity (History of chickenpox or antibody titer)                                                                     

NOTE: All immunizations must be completed within the first 5 days of school.  If the child is in the middle of a series and it is too soon for the next dose, the parent must provide the school nurse with a plan for immunizations (signed by a health care provider) within the first 5 days. If the child has incomplete immunizations and no medical plan, the student will be excluded from school. 

By state mandate, all kindergarten children must have a physical and dental examination. Included in the registration packet are forms for these examinations. 

At registration, an acceptable document should be presented stating the child's legal name and date of birth.  Acceptable documents are: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Passport, or Affidavit of age and physician's statement.  Any deviation from the legal name must be verified by a bona fide court document authorizing the legal name change.    

Four (4) Proofs of Residency must be presented at the time of registration and recorded on the registration form. Two (2) of the four (4) must be a current electric or cable/FiOS television statement and proof of home ownership or lease agreement (Property Deed, Current Tax Bill, Current Lease) along with two (2) of the following: Bank Statement, Driver's License, Vehicle Registration Card, Voter Registration Card, Bill Receipts Showing New Address, Utility "Turn-On" Service Statement, or Statement of Homeowner's Insurance. ALL FOUR (4) PROOFS OF RESIDENCY MUST HAVE THE SAME ADDRESS INFORMATION.  NO PHOTOCOPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.  

NOTE: All proofs of residency must show name and address and MUST be within 2 months of current date of registration.

Parents/Guardians are asked to register their child at the Dorothy D. Call Administrative Center, 3000 Donallen Drive, Bensalem. Multiple Occupancy Registrations are for families residing in a household owned/leased to someone other than the student's parents/guardians. Affidavit Registrations are for students residing with someone other than their parents/guardians. 

Registration documents may be picked up at the Dorothy D. Call Administrative Center, 3000 Donallen Drive, Bensalem for completion at home prior to the registration date. 

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