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School Hours and Phone Numbers

Student Arrival and Dismissal Times

High School                         7:21 am to 2:11 pm

Middle Schools                    8:10 am to 2:56 pm

Elementary Schools            8:55 am to 3:41 pm


Inclement Weather Dismissal Times:

High School – 11:15 am

Middle Schools – 12:00 pm

Elementary Schools – 1:00 pm


Please direct any specific questions regarding school policies and procedures to your child's school. 
Phone Number: 215-750-2800
Belmont Hills Elementary School, ext. 1100
Cornwells Elementary School, ext. 1200
Samuel K. Faust Elementary School, ext. 1300
Benjamin Rush Elementary School, ext. 1400
Russell C. Struble Elementary School, ext. 1500
Valley Elementary School, ext. 1600
Robert K. Shafer Middle School, ext. 2200
Cecelia Snyder Middle School, ext. 2300
Bensalem High School
Principal's Office, ext. 3000
12th Grade Office, ext. 3061
11th Grade Office, ext. 3072
10th Grade Office, ext. 3041
9th Grade Office, ext. 3051 
If you need further assistance after reaching out to your child's school, please call the Bensalem Township School District Office at (215) 750-2800 or email: [email protected]
Thank you!