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Safe Schools

Everyone in the Bensalem Township School District recognizes the importance of having school safety procedures in all our schools.  In order to create a climate that fosters learning and growth, we must be able to create a safe and supportive atmosphere in each of the district's nine school buildings. The district's Safe Schools Plan, a district wide emergency response plan, is continually updated to provide ongoing strategies to deal with situations that could impact our students and school community.

The Administration and School Board is committed to providing our students with safe schools and a safe learning environment.  Our safety plans are consistenly reviewed by our Board, principals, local law enforcement officials, and other safety professionals. Using their recommendations, modifications and additions to this plan will be made.  In this analysis, we will also be examining physical plant issues such as the entrance, egress and safety mechanisms in place in all nine schools.  We are committed to having the safest schools possible.

While the entirety of the district's Safe Schools plan will not be released to the public, included in those measures are the following underpinnings.

School Safety 

  • The district provides the Bensalem Township Police Department, with updated schematic floor plans. Additionally, the local police have door key fobs for all of our buildings; this allows for quick emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our relationship with Bensalem police is excellent; we have officers patrol and walk our buildings on a daily basis.
  • The district has a Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Bensalem Township supporting a full-time Resource Officer who is stationed at the high school. This officer also supports security in other buildings, as needed.
  • The District utilizes a security software program which allows an employee to immediately notify building personnel. During an emergency situation, using this app could dramatically improve response time. 
  • Each of our schools has an access control system, requiring visitors to be "buzzed in" remotely. A camera is used for identification purposes.
  • At the high school, a staffed security station is located at the main entrance.
  • On-line, visitor management systems are used in each of our nine schools. These are used as an additional screening measure.
  • All exterior doors are locked throughout the school day, limiting visitor access to one central location point.
  • External doors are equipped with key fob systems for emergency access.
  • An exterior building labeling throughout the district  improves emergency response capabilities.
  • Over 500 security cameras are currently installed throughout the district. All are connected to a "live" monitoring station. Existing cameras are regularly upgraded based on security staff recommendations.
  • In coordination with Bensalem Township First Responders, monthly fire drills along with building lock-down (interior and exterior), school bus evacuation, weather emergency, and secondary site evacuation drills are conducted to prepare students and staff in the event of an emergency.
  • Student internet activity on district devices, both in school and at home, is monitored daily for inappropriate and/or harmful content.

Staff Emergency Training 

Members of Bensalem's First Responders and school officials review emergency procedures on a regular basis and update plans to reflect current staffing and facility needs.

Drills are conducted and are immediately evaluated. Professional development is offered in several crisis management areas.