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Student Assistance Program (SAP)


What is SAP?

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) has been developed as a means to identify and refer students who are believed to be "at risk" for developing problems such as, but not limited to, substance abuse or depression. The SAP team consists of trained personnel available to assist the student and family in identifying problems that impact on the student's ability to function in school, and offer assistance in alleviating these problems.

What is the purpose of the SAP assessment?

The purpose of the SAP assessment is to determine if the student has a problem or barrier to learning, and, if so, what could be done to help alleviate it. The SAP assessment consists of two or more confidential interviews with the assessor, and is free of charge to any student referred by a school SAP team. Both students and their parents(s)/guardian will be interviewed in order to gather information concerning the student's past and current functioning. The assessment is provided through Caron Treatment Centers.
At the conclusion of the assessment the assessor will provide the student and parent/guardian with recommendations and an appropriate referral for further treatment, if necessary.

When could a student be referred to the SAP team?

Anyone can make a referral (teacher, parent, fellow student). Perhaps they may see:

  • a sudden drop in grades
  • withdrawing from friends or family
  • unexplained physical injury
  • talk of suicide
  • depression
  • defying authority
  • acting aggressively or acting out
  • experimenting with drugs or alcohol
  • recent death of a loved one or other traumatic event

The SAP team can help you find services and assistance with resources within the community. We do not diagnose, treat or refer your child for treatment. Rather, we will provide you with the information; you make the choices. Our goal is to help your child succeed.

What if someone refers my child to the SAP team?

If this happens, it is because someone is concerned about observable behaviors they are seeing in your child. Perhaps a teacher or administrator has noticed changes in school that you may or may not have noticed at home.

In collecting data about your child, your observations of your child at home are important. The team will request that you sign a permission form for your child to become involved in the process. Once you giver verbal permission and/or sign the necessary forms, the team will begin to work with you and your child. If you choose not to give permission, the team will not become involved. The only time the process is mandatory is when and if your child is involved with a drug or alcohol violation in school. At this time, an informal hearing with the administration will begin the mandatory process.

If you feel that your child may need help, call your child's counselor and ask about the SAP program.