U.S. Army Field Band to Perform at Bensalem High School

The Army Field Band will perform the “The Army Story.” Since 1775, the Army has been an integral part of our nation's journey, through times of struggle and innovation. The Army Story brings audience members the music that has had a large impact on American culture and the perception of soldiers' lives and sacrifices. Through musical and visual elements, The Army Story reminds Americans of the contributions, service and sacrifice of our soldiers. 

“The Army remains committed to our soldiers, our veterans and our country and it is the people of the United States who we all serve," said Col. Jim Keene. "It's a privilege to be in Bensalem connecting America to its Army. Using the power of music, our soldiers pay tribute to all service members who have liberated the world and who have preserved America’s freedoms and our Constitution." 

WHAT: U.S. Army Field Band Spring Tour Performance

WHO: The U.S. Army Field Band’s Concert Band & Soldiers’ Chorus

WHEN: March 16, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Bensalem High School Auditorium, 4319 Hulmeville Rd, Bensalem, Pennsylvania

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COST: Free 

About The U.S. Army Field Band: 

The U.S. Army Field Band tours nationally and internationally as directed by the Department of the Army, and serves as the liaison between the Army and the American people. Its primary mission is to connect America to its Army through the universal language of music. The Army Field Band consists of four performing components and a far-reaching educational program. Each concert tour is sponsored by a local organization with the mission of supporting local community events such as centennial celebrations, festivals, and city and state commemorations. To become a sponsor or for more information, visit www.ArmyFieldBand.com.