Education Foundation Announces Grant Awards

Belmont Hills Elementary School – Principal Kelly McGowan
Awarded a grant for the purchase of wireless presentation remotes.  These remotes will allow teachers to maintain the use of technology within the classroom and allow them the ability to move about the classroom to monitor student progress and engage students during presentations.  
Cornwells Elementary School – Principal Dr. Shawn Mark
Awarded a grant to replace sensory room equipment used by Cornwells students in the autistic support classes. 
Faust Elementary School – Principal Jodie Sauers/Assistant Principal Dr. Aqueelah Ellzy
Awarded a grant to update the school’s mobile audio capabilities for gym, music, assemblies, etc.  The goal is to provide a more user friendly, wireless, portable speaker system for teachers to use. 
Rush Elementary School – Principal Joan Richey
Awarded a grant to purchase (4) Apple Magic Trackpads for Special Education teachers.  These trackpads are compatible with their computers and would allow them to use their computers and screens any place in the classroom.  It gives teachers the capability to move about their rooms to help and support students while still using technology, which enhances their lessons.
Struble Elementary School – Principal Lana Judy
Awarded a grant for their “Salute to America” show.  Every year, second grade students and teachers present this show in honor of veterans and the Bensalem community.  The program consists of songs, skits, and historical readings.  This grant will allow for replacement/purchase of costumes, supplies, props, and veterans gifts.
Valley Elementary School – Principal Scott Pratt/Assistant Principal Fred Backhaus
Awarded a grant for the purchase of flags, brackets, and poles for display at the school.  These flags represent all the countries that make up the student body at Valley.
Shafer Middle School – Principal Michael Stock/Assistant Principal Joseph Crane
Awarded a grant for the creation of an outdoor weather station.  The Pre-Engineering curriculum is changing to meet the technical needs of the future by putting Vex Robotics and programmable drones (unmanned aircraft systems) in the hands of 7th graders.  This project would allow the school to set up safe procedures for flying the drones that they will be operating in the program as they will need quantitative data to confirm that they are within safe wind limits to fly.  They will be able to identify the parameters for safe flight and apply procedures to ensure safe conditions before going outside. Ideally, all students will have access and exposure to the weather station display in the classroom.  On a larger scale, they will set up the weather station to communicate with as a hyper-local weather station, being accessible to the entire Bensalem community.
Snyder Middle School – Principal Dr. Thomas Evert/Assistant Principal Steven Louella
Awarded a grant for the creation of a sensory de-escalation room.  De-escalation rooms are safe, quiet environments that provide low levels of stimulation.  They are great for helping students manage their behavior. The grant money will be used for the purchase of low voltage soft lighting, soothing paint color, cushioned chairs, Bluetooth speaker for soft music, and calming/fidget toys.
Bensalem High School – Principal Geoffrey Per/Assistant Principal Dr. Nicole Bourque
Awarded a grant for the purchase of books for a faculty book study group for teachers and staff on how to change and improve the building culture at BHS.
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