Bensalem High School Celebrates 100 Years

Bensalem High School will be hosting the 100th Anniversary Kick-Off celebration with Music, Food Trucks, Student Performances, Building Tours, and more.  
WHEN: Saturday, September 23, 2023
TIME: 11 AM to 2 PM.  A welcome ceremony will take place at 12 noon. 
WHERE: Bensalem High School, 4319 Hulmeville Road, Bensalem
THE CORNWELLS SCHOOL – 2400 Bristol Pike, Cornwells Heights, PA:
According to history records, the first one-room school, erected in 1823, was torn down in favor of a two-room school building in 1893.  A third room was added in 1918.  A fourth room was added in 1923. The four-room building housed the first Bensalem Township High School and two elementary groups.  The first graduating class, the Class of 1925, consisted of five students. 
The records also show that in July 1923, Samuel K. Faust was invited to take charge of the district for the express purpose of organizing a high school.  Previously, high school age students who lived in the Cornwells Heights area were sent to other high schools in towns nearby, such as Bristol, Langhorne, Jenkintown, and Frankford.
Mr. Faust served as Supervising Principal of Bensalem Township Schools and as the first Superintendent of Schools from 1923 until his death in 1940. 
In 1954, Bensalem Township High School was re-established at its new building and location at 2201 Street Road, Bensalem.
In September 1969, the new Bensalem High School, located at 4319 Hulmeville Road, opened its doors.  A flag raising ceremony was held on September 10, 1969, the corner-stone was laid on May 13, 1970, a formal dedication of the building was held on May 15, 1970, and an open-house program for the community was held on May 17, 1970.
Currently, there are 556 students in the 100th graduating class, the Class of 2024.
We look forward to our community celebrating with us on September 23 and at events throughout the year!