Bensalem High School Musicians Selected to PMEA All-State Festival

CHOIR: AJ Ferriola, Margaret MacAdams, Sara Skillens, Emiliano Quinones, and Ethan Hinshaw
BAND: Charlotte Crawford (bass clarinet)
Congratulations to our talented musicians! 
Who's who in the photos:
Choir Students from L-R (PMEA All-State Choir)
Ethan Hinshaw, Margaret MacAdams, Emiliano Quinones, Sara Skillens, AJ Ferriola
Choir and Band Students from L-R (PMEA All-State BHS Students):
Margaret MacAdams, Sara Skillens, AJ Ferriola, Charlotte Crawford, Emiliano Quinones, Ethan Hinshaw
PMEA All-State Students Travel L-R: Margaret MacAdams, Sara Skillens, AJ Ferriola, Emiliano Quinones, Ethan Hinshaw & Charlotte Crawford