BHS Teacher of the Year Faculty Names 2023 Winner

The BHS Teacher of the Year is defined as:  
“A dedicated educator who demonstrates commitment and passion for their craft. Earning the admiration of the faculty, administration, and students, this teacher challenges and engages students and is committed to their success – demonstrating a passion and joy of teaching that inspires the school community.”
To pick the winner, the Teacher of the Year committee created an inclusive process which involved teachers, students, and administrators. Each of the five building administrators initially nominated two teachers. Teachers and students then voted, and three finalists were chosen. Following this process, the three finalists’ names were submitted to the BHS administrative team who, as a group, chose the winner.
This year, the three finalists were: Ms. Chelsea Root, Ms. Christine Elberson, and Ms. Elena Toselli. The winner was announced at the BHS Pep Rally on Friday, March 3 in front of the entire school community.
“A HUGE thank you to the entire BHS school community.  Our program has received an outpouring of support from administration, teachers, custodial staff, office staff, service providers, guidance counselors, school psychologists, nurses, librarians, cafeteria staff, etc.  We would not be able to do so many of the projects that we do without this support,” said Ms. Root. 
“A shout out also goes to the support staff that work in my classroom and the teachers that I work with side-by-side every day.  The level of dedication that these professionals have to our students is incredible.  They are the backbone of this program and the reason that our program runs so smoothly each day.”
“Last and certainly not least, I would like to thank the student workers from the Transition Program.  These young men and women come in everyday with a positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to make BHS a better place to be for all of us.  I am honored to work with them and can say that everyday this group of students puts a smile on my face and teaches me something new.  They are the reason why I look forward to coming to work.  They deserve as much recognition (if not more) than I do for the work that is being done within our program.”
Congratulations to Chelsea Root, Instructor of Special Education, winner of the BHS Teacher of the Year Award for 2022-23!