Marine Corps JROTC Promotions

These promotions are a result of the Cadets sterling efforts from the last marking period of the 2021-22 school year and their continued participation in the program.


Cadet First Sergeant: Nicholas Donnelly


Cadet Staff Sergeant: Jacob Huttenberger, Michael Sit


Cadet Sergeant: Alessandra Alosi, Shu-Chen Chiang, Malachi Duncan, Samantha Flynn, Nyah Hyers


Cadet Corporal: Whitney Morine DaCosta, Raphaella Pappachan, Kaylynne Thomas


We know these cadets and their families have overcome significant challenges to continue to learn and lead. These promotions reflect that response to those challenges. At its essence, this Bensalem High School MCJROTC Leadership Education Program develops character and enhances citizenship in our youngsters.  Our successful Naval Honor School program produces young men and women who are ready to accept the responsibilities, as well as, the privileges of citizenship. We are rightfully proud of these cadets!