PJAS State Competition

Twenty-six Bensalem High School (BHS) students competed at the state level with eleven receiving first place awards.
They are: Aayushi Patel; Sofia Ferrandez; Tiffany Gao; Brian Olsen; Mahi K. Patel; Zaid Shaik; Ali Ahmad; Kathleen Ho; Shiv Parekh; Mohak Parmar; and Hugh Kominsky.
The second place winners are: Kaitlyn Higgins; Julia Mathews; Gunjan Patel; Aastha Patel; Jiya Patel; Astha Patel; Diya Shah; Vedika Sharma; Krishiv Gandhi; Jeffrey Ho; Jia Patel; Danielle Armstrong; Sia Desai; Taylor Hood; and Maxwell Palamarchuk.
Mohak Parmar earned an $8,000 scholarship to Penn State Main, School of Engineering.
Four BHS seniors with three or more years of participation earned Regional Perseverance Awards: Hugh Kominsky, Maxwell Palamarchuk, Patrick Le, and Sami Rana
Nine BHS juniors and seniors with more than three years competing at the state level earned State Perseverance Awards: Ali Ahmad, Maxwell Palamarchuk, Patrick Le, Danielle Armstrong, Shiv Parekh, Katie Ho, Taylor Hood, David Larbi, and Sami Rana
At the middle school level, Snyder students Michael Larbi and Diya Patel planned, executed, and virtually presented projects that earned them a first place award at the local regional competition earlier this year. Their stellar work at regionals earned them the opportunity to showcase their work at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Statewide Competition. Michael and Diya presented their work and competed with thousands of other students from across Pennsylvania. Their outstanding work with PJAS earned first place awards, once again!
Congratulations to all of our participants!