MCJROTC February Promotions

Cadet First Lieutenant: Shayna Sit

Cadet Second Lieutenant: Lorenzo DeBerry

Cadet First Sergeant: Jonathan Huanga, Alayna Schnorbus

Cadet Gunnery Sergeant: Danielle Cannalley, Jayden Fobbs, Emily Maywhort

Cadet Staff Sergeant: Tauseeq Ahmed, Thomas Nicholas, Brian Olsen

Cadet Sergeant: Nicholas Becht, Liam Robinson, Madina Waziri

Cadet Corporal: Gabriela Candelas-Huerta, James Radyn

Cadet Lance Corporal: DeRonn Adams, Jason Baffour, Nadira Begum, Antonio Brown, Cyanni Burke, Kurt Doebrich, Josiah Leonard, Emily Padron Paz, Selena Ronquillo

Cadet Private First Class: Robert Thomas-Balog, Benjamin Trikur

These promotions reflect, that at its essence, the Bensalem High School MCJROTC Leadership Education Program develops character and enhances citizenship in our youngsters.  Our long-time successful program produces young men and women who are ready to accept the responsibilities, as well as, the privileges of citizenship. We are rightfully proud of these cadets!