Statement from the Bensalem Township School District

Statement from the Bensalem Township School District Regarding the Death of George Floyd


The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests remind all of us in the Bensalem Township School District that our ongoing work to ensure equity is vital. We decry the racism that has led to the deaths of far too many people of color. Economic disparity, healthcare inequities and opportunity gaps unfortunately remain part of our national narrative.


The Bensalem Township School District is committed to providing a first class education for all of our students in a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment. We are dedicated to ensuring that every student has equal access to the District's educational programs and activities. Our school district celebrates our community by participating in Unity Week each January, while we are committed every day to serving a student population rich with a diversity of socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicity, race, religion and educational ability. We work in consort with numerous community service organizations to create and sustain an environment that supports educational excellence for each individual student.


This is a difficult time for our community and our country. Our students and staff members are experiencing a range of emotions, and every one of those emotions is justified. We urge our students to reach out to a trusted teacher or their school counselor.  We urge our staff to take advantage of the wellness options and support provided by our Human Resources Department, and we urge every member of our community to listen to and support one another.  We value everyone’s voice and remain committed to learning together in the interest of unity, understanding, and harmony.


Below are links to some resources that parents/guardians may find helpful in discussing these issues with students. 


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