Bensalem Awarded School Nutrition Grant

We just learned that we will receive the biggest award - 2 dishmachines, 2 combi ovens, 1 cooler, 2 warmers, and a professional sealer all valued at over $100,000!!!!

Pauline Welch, along with Assistant Food Service Coordinator, Crystal DiGiacomo, applied for the equipment grant in October 2019 for an opportunity to upgrade or improve our kitchen and cafeteria operations to benefit the students we serve.  

“The equipment grant will help replace aging equipment, between 25 and 30 years old, which staff uses to feed our 6,500 + students,” says Mrs. Welch.  She hopes that this grant will replace a dish machine at Samuel K. Faust Elementary and Cornwells Elementary, a food sealer at Bensalem High School, along with milk coolers. One of the milk coolers will go to Russell C. Struble Elementary.  Mrs. Welch is waiting to hear about any additional items we may receive, as these awards are split by the four recipients. 

More information can be found in the School Nutrition Foundation news release.