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BHS Blue Crew Welcomes Students
BHS Blue Crew Welcomes Students
BHS Blue Crew
BHS Blue Crew pose with Col Church
Snyder girls on first day
Snyder students happy to be back
Students arrive at Shafer on first day
First responders and staff welcome students
Belmont students arrive on first day
Bensalem police welcome students
First responders welcome students at Faust
Smiling faces on first day of school
Freddie the Falcon welcomes students
Students are welcome to Rush on their first day
Students arrive on their first day
Rush Roadrunners welcome students
Valley Dragon hi-fives students as they arrive to school
Bensalem officers pose with students on first day
Valley student with the Valley Dragon
2 friends hug on day 1 of school
Valley dragon and students pose with Bensalem motorcycle officer