• Shafer Sharks Are:  Shark
    Highly Positive
    Always Prepared                                  
    Respectful and Responsible
    Kind and Helpful       
    Safe and Healthy                                   
    As part of our School Wide Positive Behavioral Support program, we have established the Shafer Creed. Our school song helps to teach our students the appropriate behavior while in the classroom, hallways, bathroom, cafeteria, on the school bus, during special events, and during safety drills. Ask your child to sing the creed for you!
    Students are expected to be highly positive by participating and being attentive in class, as well being respectful while walking in the hallways.
    Students are also asked to always be prepared, whether it's being on time, having all materials necessary for class, or knowing the school routine and following directions.
    Our students are respectful and responsible, which means they respect others' property, listen to others when they are speaking, or say "please" and "thank you." Students are also responsible for cleaning up their lunch tables after use. 
    We expect our students to be kind and helpful. This means we encourage our students to be of help where they are able, whether it's picking up trash off the floor, holding doors open, tutoring others, or inviting other students to sit with them at lunch.
    Our final expectation is that our students are safe and healthy. Shafer students are asked to be safe when using tools and equipment in classrooms, walk on the right side of the tape (not run) in the hallways, wash hands before eating, and use the appropriate stairwell after lunch.                                                                                                  
    Our Shafer Sharks program motivates our students and helps to develop a positive school climate. Staff issue special SHARK certificates to students as a reward; examples are perfect attendance for the marking period, good citizenship, community service, exemplary conduct and academic success. Throughout the year we also have special SHARKS theme days and events with participating students earning certificates.
    The two-part certificates issued are completed with student name and teacher signature. The top part of the certificate is saved and when thirty are accumulated they can be exchanged for a special Shafer SHARKS tee shirt (grade 7) or the eighth grade class tee shirt. Note that neither tee shirt can be purchased; they are only awarded for thirty certificates. Sixty certificates earn a long-sleeved tee.


    The bottom portion of the SHARKS certificate is placed in the grade-appropriate box on the library counter, and three names are drawn weekly from each box for prizes. In addition, names are drawn from these boxes for special SHARKS snack breaks and for student participation in relay races or volleyball games held during our quarterly SHARKS assemblies.


    All students who earn their tee shirts are invited to special events during the school year. In the past we have had skating parties and end-of-year picnics for our tee shirt winners.

    Questions or prize donations can be directed to Ms. Karen Cook or Ms. Jaime McKenty, our SHARKS chairpersons