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Welcome to 7A Roadrunners!


Please send me
(Mrs. Schreiner - dschreine@bensalemsd.org)
an email so you can be added to our 2016-17 email database.
We'd love to have all Roadrunner parent and student emails for better communication between home and school.
 Roadrunners...running toward academic success!

Once you know you are on the 7A Roadrunner Team, you may use this supply list for each of your teachers. 

Please keep in mind, you do not have all of the teachers below.
If you feel unsure about what materials to get, you can wait until meeting your teachers on the first day of school. 


                                                                                                                        August 2016


Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:


            Welcome to Shafer Middle School and a special welcome to the 7A Roadrunner Team. We hope you have been having an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to beginning your middle school experience.  We are looking forward to working with you to make your seventh grade year an enjoyable and a highly successful time.  We have listed below some of the things we will do to make that happen:

·       Shafer SHARKS Certificates for following the SHARKS Creed

·       Amazing A Drawings once a week for earning As on tests and quizzes

·       7th Grade field trip

·       Extra help whenever needed

·       Periodic emails for Roadrunner happenings


You will find the items needed for each of your subjects and teachers on the reverse side of this paper. We need you to have these things on the first day of classes.  To make it easier for the students to stay organized, we have color-coded each subject area as follows:


·       Math – blue

·       Reading – purple

·       Writing – green

·       Social Studies – red

·       Science – yellow


            We would also like to create a file of email addresses as soon as possible.  Ms. Schreiner is in charge of this address file.  Please email her (dschreine@bensalemsd.org) so you are added to our Roadrunner Parent email file!  Thanks!


            Also, if you have any general questions before school starts, you can email our team leader, Ms. Schreiner (dschreine@bensalemsd.org), and she will get back to you as soon as she can!  In addition, please check in frequently to the Bensalem School District Website (www.bensalemsd.org) for the latest Roadrunner updates!


            We hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the summer and again we look forward to working with you this year!


The Roadrunner Team


Mrs. Little                        Mr. Engelhardt                    Mrs. Hentz              

Mrs. Meyer                       Miss Kelly                          Mrs. Schreiner          

Mrs. Sperduto 



Mrs. Sperduto, Reading. Room 211, extension 2261


·       1 inch, 3 ring Binder

·       A Composition Notebook (any color/design)

·       A Purple 2 pocket-folder

·       Binder Dividers(4)

·       Pens (Blue/Black) and Pencils everyday

·       A Highlighter

·       A small pencil sharpener


Mrs. Cacchio, Writing. Room 210


·       composition book

·       folder

·       1 package of loose leaf

·       pencils


Mr. Engelhardt, Social Studies, Room 209, extension 2259


·       One inch 3 ring binder

·       200 sheets loose leaf paper and dividers

·       colored pencils and highlighter

·       pencils


Mrs. Meyer, Math, Room 220, extension 2270


Accelerated Pre-Algebra

·       One X-Large book cover

·       One Composition book (any color or design)

·       Blue Notebook

·       One Blue Folder

·       Pencils, erasers, handheld sharpener

·       Suggested:  Calculator (one that will do fractions, square roots, cubed roots, exponents) to keep and use at home.

Math 7 (Course 2)

·       One Composition book (any color or design)

·       One Blue Folder

·       Pencils, erasers, handheld sharpener

·       Suggested:  Calculator (one that will do fractions, square roots, cubed roots, exponents) to keep and use at home.


Mrs. Schreiner, Science, Room 219


·       1 composition notebook (the pages are sewn together with string!)

·       1 two pocket yellow folder

·       Pens (blue or black ink only) and pencils every day

·       Loose leaf paper


Mr. Allen, 21st Century Class


·       Headphones/Earbuds


Gifted and Talented (G/T) Teachers:

Miss Kelly, GT Science, Room 106, extension 2226


·       A 1 subject spiral notebook

·       A 1 inch 3 ring binder

·       A folder with pockets for handouts

·       A pencil (a pencil is required for tests)

·       A RED/PINK/PURPLE pen for self assessing and editing

·       A box of colored pencils

·       A highlighter

·       A small pencil sharpener


Mrs. Hentz, Humanities, Room 206, extension 2256


·       Read and enjoy two books from the suggested summer reading list - https://www.bensalemsd.org/Page/573

·       2 pens (blue and black ink only), a pack of colored pencils, 1 yellow highlighter and one of your choice

·       Binder to hold the following:  Loose leaf paper, 2 spiral notebooks (green and red), and 2 folders (green and red)


Mrs. Little, GT Algebra 1, Room 105, extension 2225


·       looseleaf paper

·       Spiral notebook (large or several small)

·       8 AAA batteries for graphing calculators

·       2 boxes of tissues

·       Pencils (many pencils)

·       Small sharpener

·       2-pocket folder




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