• Attendance Notes
    Attendance Notice - When your child is absent from school, please call the Attendance Office at 215-750-2800, extension 2301.
    A written absence note is needed within three days after your child's return to school.   If the note is not submitted within the three day grace period, the absence will be declared illegal/unexcused.  It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to see that students have notes to submit upon their return to school. 
     The absence note may be turned  in to their homeroom teacher or to the  attendance office in the main office.
    If you are planning a trip, please fill out the Request for Preplanned Trip form available in the main office two weeks in advance.
    Lates to School
    If your child is late to school because of a doctor's appointment than they will need to have a note from the doctor's office to excuse the lateness.
    Three unexcused lates to school or homeroom will result in an after-school detention.
    Early Dismissal
    All students requiring an early dismissal should turn in a note to the attendance office before the end of homeroom.  A parent/guardian must come into the office with photo identification to sign out their child. 
    If your child is returning to school from a doctor's appointment they should bring a note from the doctor's office.  Parents/Guardians do not need to sign their child back into school.  The student may enter and get a pass from the office to get back to class. 
Last Modified on August 24, 2016