Snyder Middle School

    Dr. Evert and Rocky  

    Dr. Thomas Evert
    215-750-2800  ext. 2302

    Getting to know Dr. Evert  

                Do you want to know more about our principal, Dr. Evert? We had an interview with him and found out some interesting facts about him!
     First of all, he thinks that working at Snyder is “wonderful!!” If he could start over from after college he would still want to be our principal.

      From his point of view, he thinks that some of our school rules are strict, but are necessary to maintain structure.  He definitely believes the rules are appropriate!   

    When he went to school he didn’t have a favorite subject, he liked everything! Dr. Evert doesn’t think much has changed at all since he went to high school (he graduated from Bensalem High School!).  He thinks that our disciplinary system at school really works for the kids that decide to listen!  So listen up!  Dr. Evert also believes that we are well prepared for anything that comes our way!

    Dr. Evert has been a great addition to our school.  If you don’t know him, stop by the office, or the hallway, or the cafeteria, or the recess yard, or anywhere around and you’ll find him!

     Article written for Snyder School Newspaper 2006 by Sam and Alex.

    Dr. Evert and Rocky
     Welcome to Cecelia Snyder Middle School for the 2016-2017 school year!  Together we share the common goal of providing a quality education to every child we teach and interact with to the best of our ability within a caring environment.  School programs constantly rely on the dedication of an outstanding staff united to do what is best for students.  Working together as a faculty and administration our school policies and procedures will help us to follow uniform guidelines that enhance both the academic and social environments of our students.
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