• Mrs. Susan Brooks works at both Belmont and Valley Elementary Schools. She typically works at Belmont every Monday & Tuesday, Valley every Thursday & Friday, and rotates between the two schools every other Wednesday. It is best to email her at sbrooks@bensalemsd.org. If you want to reach her by phone at Belmont you can call (215)750-2800, ext. 1116. If you want to reach her by phone at Valley you can call (215)750-2800 ext. 1643.

    Getting Off On The Right Foot
    Helpful Homework Tips
    * Be sure your child has a quiet and well
       lit area to work.
    * Arrange materials such as pencils, pens, ruler, paper,
       crayons or colored pencils etc. in a special container
       for your child to use.
    *  Try to avoid noise or distractions
        in this special homework area.
    *  Help your child access their teacher's website
       for forgotten homework assignments.
    * Be sure your child has two contact students in their
       class they can call for homework support.
    *  Have a calendar available and help students track
        long range assignments. Avoid those 2:00 in the
        morning last minutes projects.
    Remember - There is always homework.
    ** Have a book at home your child is expected to
        read from each evening for @15 minutes.
    ** Purchase workbooks or create drills in math or
        writing skills.
    ** Doing puzzles together are great fun.
        Select puzzles that can be completed in 20 minutes.
Last Modified on February 24, 2015