• Faust Physical Education

    Vicki Shaup-Albanese

    Please make sure that your child is wearing sneakers on their PE day. They should also wear appropriate clothing for PE class. 
    PE days are listed for each class below.
    Day 1 - Malfara, Schoen, Tinkleman, Heine, Gabriele
    Day 2 - Meyers, Burke, Rodriguez, Ginnetti, Brzycki
    Day 3 - Burghardt, Bostic, Mulderrig, Schreiber, Jordan
    Day 4 - Golombek, Holland, Ciamberlano, Brady, Pratt
    Day 5 - Armstrong, Kralle, Green, Brown, McCarthy
    Beginning in the 2nd marking period, students in ALL grades will be given a weekly grade in PE class as per the school district. 
     15 points are given each week.
    5 points for wearing sneakers
    5 points for behavior
    5 points for effort
    **More detailed information about grading is on the rules/grading page.
    *Parent conferences will be held on November 21st and 22nd  If you are interested in setting up a conference, please send me an email.   You are also welcome to stop by the gym at any time!