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    Dear Cornwells Parents and Community Members,

    It is my privilege to be the principal of Cornwells Elementary School. Our school is a happy and nurturing place for our children to receive the foundation of an education that is going to take them to countless destinations in life. We have an extremely dedicated staff who invests a great deal of themselves into making our school an inviting place where our Cornwellians want to be and are excited about learning.

    As the principal of Cornwells, I have several priorities for helping our school be the best for our Cornwellians. One of my priorities is to ensure that Cornwells is a safe and secure place for the students, staff and Cornwells community. We strive to keep our facilities secure at all times, and our teachers and support staff work to ensure the emotional security of our students by being proactive in the management of and restorative with the discipline of our students.

    A second priority is to ensure that our students receive a challenging academic program that helps to capitalize on our students' personal strengths while remediating their areas of weakness. Each team of teachers meets regularly to evaluate our students' academic progress, and plans are developed and implemented to meet the needs of our students as individuals. Educational specialists are in place to help students who are in need of more intensive support, and our classroom teachers are continuing to implement research-based instructional practices that have a history of helping students.

    It is my personal desire to see our Cornwellians grow up to be well-rounded, responsible young men and ladies. Academic excellence is extremely important to the Cornwells staff, but we also believe that individual creativity and personal expression should be balanced with the academic demands of learning. I am proud to be the lead learner of a faculty that values teaching our students responsibility and social responsibility in a changing world. Our staff places a high regard on our students' service to others and we enjoy celebrating the gifts and talents of all of our Cornwellians.

    Cornwells is truly an exceptional place to learn and work. I wish you the very best and welcome you to get in touch with me if I can be of service to you or your child.


    Dr. Shawn E. Mark
    Phone: 215-750-2800 ext 1200