Please see below for information regarding May's Keystone's Assessment:
    The Spring 2017 Keystone Testing dates are as following:
     May 17th     Biology
     May 18thBiology  
     May 19thLiterature
     May 22ndLiterature
     May 23rdAlgebra  
     May 24thAlgebra
     May 25thMake up
     May 26thMake up

    Bus transportation will remain the same during all testing dates.
    Students assigned to these exams are expected to arrive to school by 7:15.
    *Students who are not taking an exam can arrive to school by 9:50. However, they must provide their own transportation.

    *Students who are not able to provide their own transportation should take their regular bus and report to the cafeteria.  Homeroom will begin at 9:50



    1.  Parents must send a signed letter to the Superintendent's office and a copy to Doug Ferrro (District Assessment Coordinator).  The letter must state the reason for opting out is based on religious beliefs.
    2.  Parents have the opportunity to come in and view the tests before officially opting their child out.  The school assessment coordinator will reach out to the parent once the tests arrive and set up a time for viewing. (Parents can opt out their child WITHOUT coming in to view the tests.
    3.  Parents must sign a confidentiality agreement after viewing the test.
    4. The graduating class of 2019 and beyond has the Keystone Graduation Requirement.


    Downloads for Parents

    Understanding Depth of Knowledge and Cognitive Complexity Keystone Exam Review of Items