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Question: How do I log into CWP?
Answer: Click here for a tutorial on how to login to CWP.
Question: Do I need a PIN to log into CWP?
Answer: Yes, a PIN (5 Digit randomly generated number) is required IN ADDITION to username and password for ALL users.
Question: How can my student find out their PIN?
Answer: Bensalem Township School District students can locate their CWP PIN by logging into Bensalem's Portal Site using their Bensalem Township School District username (Not E-Mail - No "" is required) and password. The student's pin will appear under the "My Profile" tab in the "CWP PIN" section.
* For more information on Bensalem's Portal Site please visit the "Portal" page under "Parents & Students" section of the BTSD website.
Question: My student does not yet have a PIN. What do I do?
Answer: If you have logged into Bensalem's Portal Site and can confirm that the student's CWP PIN does not display on this website please be sure to contact your student's building secretary. They will then inform the appropriate individuals to get your students PIN generated.
Question: Is CWP only for students?
Answer: No, parents/guardians can also use CWP.
Question: As a parent/guardian how do I login to CWP?
Answer: In order to login to CWP you will first need to create an account. Clicking the "Create a Web Portal account" link on the CWP login page will take you through the account creation process. You will need to first review and accept the BTSD User Agreement. After accepting the agreement you will need to fill out a form that will submit your account to be created. To confirm that your application is submitted you will receive an E-Mail to the address you entered in the form. This E-Mail describes the rest of the application process. Once submitted a BTSD employee will review your application and approve/disapprove your account creation. Once your account is approved you will receive an E-Mail with login information (PIN, etc.)
Question: As a parent/guardian can I view multiple students information from a single account?
Answer: Yes, as long as the students are linked to your account.
Question: Can I as a parent/guardian update my student(s)/my own contact information via CWP?
Answer: Yes, you are able to update a number of different items including but not exclusive to: E-Mail(s), Phone Number(s), and birth date.
Question: Can a student update their own contact information via CWP?
Answer: Yes; however, a student can only update their phone number related items (Phone number, type of phone, etc.)
Question: Does CWP have a mobile app?
Answer: No, CWP does not have a mobile app. CWP is mobile friendly so it can be accessed from a mobile device.