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Negotiation Update


Bensalem Township School District hold the greatest respect for the teachers who educate and inspire our students daily.


The district has been steadfast in its commitment to reach a contract agreement with the Bensalem Township Education Association (BTEA), the union which represents the district’s teachers, which balances the needs of our teachers, students and taxpayers.


The district has been operating with a structurally unbalanced budget due to rising costs, unfunded mandates and loss of revenue to charter schools.


Following receipt of a fact-finding recommendation by a representative of the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB), the School Board voted to reject the recommendations due to the recurring costs it would place on our financially-challenged district.  The documents below chronicle the rationale for that decision, the events which led up to fact-finding and an overview of the fact-finding process.


For many school districts, a fact-finder’s report provides a starting point to reopen negotiations with a new perspective.  We hope this will be the case with the BTEA.  


Updates on future talks will be shared on this page.