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Bensalem Education Foundation School Grants 2020-2021

The Foundation each year offers the opportunity for the Principals and Assistant Principals of the nine schools to apply for school grants in the amount of $500.00 for projects that extend and enhance the school infrastructure, education tools or classroom experience through their implementation.  The projects must also enhance and enrich the goals and purposes of the Bensalem Education Foundation.

The Bensalem Education Foundation (BEF) recently awarded eight grants to schools across the Bensalem Township School District, totaling $4,000.  BEF is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on donations and supports the purpose of improving teaching and learning in Bensalem through innovative educational initiatives. Grants are awarded through an application process that occurs each year. The following grant recipients were shared by BEF Co-President, Bill Lewis:


Congratulations to the 8 grant recipients for 2020-2021.


Belmont Hills Elementary School - Principal Kelly McGowan

Purchase of an outdoor PA system.  The system will be used for outdoor activities such as School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) assemblies, Field Days, and classroom activities. 


Cornwells Elementary School - Principal Dr. Shawn Mark

Purchase of a Cricut Machine for faculty and staff to assist them with classroom projects, arts and crafts, and other creative projects.


Faust Elementary School - Principal Jodie Sauers

Create a Mindful Learning Garden in the courtyard.  The garden will help to create a space where students may go to build and create an area where they may refocus their attention to be able to return to the classroom and learn. Students would have the opportunity to create, plant, painting of rocks for a diversity walkway, and serving as a calming/learning activity.


Struble Elementary School - Principal Lana Judy

Purchase an outdoor PA system.  The system will be used for outdoor activities such as school assemblies, track and field days, gym class, talent shows, and when classroom activities are extended outdoors.                     


Valley Elementary School - Assistant Principal Scott Pratt

Purchase of "Breakout EDU" which is a series of breakout games similar to escape rooms for both remote and in-person learning.  Students will work collaboratively to solve puzzles and unlock the "Breakout Box" where they will use social and emotional learning skills and the 4C's (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity) to complete over 700 games.


Shafer Middle School - Principal Michael Stock

Fund “Attendance Matters/Perfect Attendance” Incentive. A “Perfect Attendance” incentive program was designed to help improve student attendance.  The program services the entire school with a focus on students who had attendance issues the previous year.  It allows the school, to promote attendance and show students the importance in coming to school every day. 


Shafer Middle School - Principal Michael Stock

Fund “Imagine Math” incentives.  In an effort to improve student achievement in mathematics, Shafer plans to hold quarterly Imagine Math competitions.  These competitions would be designed to encourage student achievement and friendly competition.


Bensalem High School - Assistant Principal Steven Garstka

Purchase a Cricut Machine for the Hallway Beautification project.  Recently, bulletin boards were installed in prominent locations to create a warmer welcome to anyone entering the building.  The high school hopes to provide places for student acknowledgement, words of welcome, or a spotlight on positive happenings in BHS.  The Cricut Machine will be used to create these messages for the bulletin boards.


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