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Note Cards Feature Artwork to be Preserved 

As a way to raise funds for the preservation of the artwork, the committee is currently offering packs of 8 note cards with envelopes for each $15 donation to the artwork preservation project.* Two different packs are available. Each pack contains 8 note cards containing images of 4 pieces of art being preserved (2 of each) as well as 8 envelopes. Packs come in a clear cellophane wrapper.
Note cards can be purchased:

Work of art committee featured in The Midweek Wire

The artwork preservation committee's efforts and Crowdrise campaign were featured in an article by Matt Schickling in the April 1, 2015 issue of The Midweek Wire, Bensalem edition. The article also included photos of three artwork pieces being preserved by the committee's efforts. 
About the committee
The artwork preservation committee completed the first phase of their work prior to the demolition of the walls in the high school. Each work of art was photographed and cataloged. With the completion of the renovation project, select pieces will be chosen for digital framing using a Styrene finish format; these pieces will be hung in the renovated high school. Fundraising efforts continue through the sale of Note Cards and the Crowdrise campaign.    
The project was completed and the murals have been hung. Please view the gallery of photos below. 
Jeanette Schilling, Chairperson
Karen Cook
Aimee Krause
Beth L'Heureux