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Vision Statement

Using technology to further a learning community where:


•    Students take responsibility for their own educational success.
•    Students are engaged in a challenging curriculum that is focused on inquiry-based, experiential learning through the consistent utilization of various technology tools.
•    Students are comfortable using technology and use the technology to create new ideas.

Faculty & Staff

•    Teachers and administrators facilitate the integration of technology across the curriculum and will support students in their quest to become 21st century thinkers and learners.
•    Through on-going, comprehensive professional development, all teachers acquire the knowledge and skills to integrate technology into a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum, which addresses students' specific needs, developmental levels and learning styles.
•    Teachers function as coaches, mentors, advocates, and managers of information.
•    Administrative functions, including those performed by instructional staff, are fully automated, thereby allowing more of the school system's energy and resources to be focused on student education.
•    Administration will expand opportunities for students, parents, and school personnel to interact with technology in meaningful ways.

Parents & Community

•    Parents are engaged in their children’s learning and school community.
•    Parents are supportive of student learning beyond the walls of the classroom and assist their children with technology integration using technology tools at home when available.
•    In collaboration with teachers, parents will help foster a sense of balance in their children’s lives.