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COVID-19 Resources

Bensalem School District Staff: 
The purpose of this page is to provide some helpful resources during this challenging time.  Please know that this page is not being updated frequently.  Refer to CDC and PA Department of Health websites for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 guidance. 
Be safe and be well. 
All staff members coming into the building must self-screen for covid symptoms.  See Screening Document Below.
The Families First Coronavirus Response Act provides for instances of paid leave due to illness or other conditions created by the coronavirus.  Please see the poster below for information.  Forms are being prepared to administer requests. Please reach out to Felicity Hanks at with a cc to Elizabeth Jones if you believe you qualify for and want to request a leave under these provisions.  
Agency Resources
Center for Disease Control (CDC):
PA Department of Health:
New Jersey Department of Health:
Aetna Resources:
Checkout Aetna's online toolkit for managing the challenges of COVID-19.
Don't forget to use Teledoc for your non-emergency medical needs.  This resource is more useful now then ever.  See the flier below.  
Tips for Teleworking:  See tips for teleworking below from our partner and medical insurance broker, Lockton Companies: 
Unemployment Compensation:
You may qualify for unemployment compensation benefits due to the lack of work caused by the Coronavirus. Eligibility will be determined by Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, Office of Unemployment Compensation Benefits. Information about eligibility for benefits and filing claims is available online at 
If you are receiving your regular pay you will not be entitled to also receive unemployment benefits.  We ask that you avoid filing frivolous claims.  
Flex Spending Account:
The federal government expanded the products that you may purchase with your FSA.  Over the Counter (OTC) medications and menstrual products may be purchased with the FSA.
The Coronavirus epidemic constitutes a life-event for purposes of changing contributions to FSA, including Dependant/Day Care accounts.