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Meal Charge Policy







  • Any student that requests a breakfast or lunch must be provided one regardless whether they have funds either on hand or in their account.
  • When a student owes money for 5 or more meals at least 2 attempts will be made to reach parent/ guardian to inform of delinquent debt. If families need assistance information will provided to apply for the school food program.
  • Communication about a student’s school meal debt from K-8th grade will be directed to parent/guardian not the student and will be confidential. Food Service employees can discretely tell high school students what they owe.


  • The district will continue to pursue delinquent debt throughout the school year.
  • The school board will approve gifts or donations to be used for students that have insufficient funds.
  • These revenues will have a separate account or funding number so it is not co-mingled with food service account revenue funds. The transactions will be transparent as a debit and credit in the General Ledger.
  • Once the school has utilized the collection measures for debt that remains uncollected, it is considered bad debt. The district is required to make a transfer from the general fund into the food service account to cover all bad debts no later than the end of each school year.


  • Students who have unpaid charged meals may not purchase a la carte items until the debt is paid.
  • Schools may only withhold meals from a student if they receive written direction from a parent or guardian.
  • It is a violation of the National School Lunch Program to continue to provide free meals to students who are not eligible for free meals.
  • If assistance is needed to complete application please call the Food Service Office
  • Please remember it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide a student with a meal, money, or the ability to purchase a meal.
  • For your convenience the Point of Sale system will allow you to pre-pay meals/a la carte by cash or check, or electronic funds transfer
Revised April 10, 2018 - due to Act 55 Sec1337 mandate