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Meal Charge Policy







  • Any student that requests a breakfast or lunch must be provided one, regardless whether they have funds either on hand or in their account.
  • When a student owes $5.00 or more, contact will be made via text message and/or OneCall system voicemail to reach parent/guardian to inform them of the delinquent debt. It is encouraged that, if the families are having difficulties paying for meals, they apply for the Free or Reduced Meal Program.  Applications are available online at :  If the parent/guardian does not have access to a computer at home, there are computers available for use at the District Office.
  • Communication about a student’s school meal debt from K-8th grade will be directed to parent/guardian, not the student, and will be confidential. Food Service employees can discretely tell high school students what they owe.


  • The district will continue to pursue delinquent debt throughout the school year.
  • The school board will approve gifts or donations to be used for students that have insufficient funds.
  • These revenues will have a separate account or funding number so it is not co-mingled with food service account revenue funds. The transactions will be transparent as a debit and credit in the General Ledger.
  • Once the school has utilized the collection measures for debt that remains uncollected, it is considered bad debt. The district is required to make a transfer from the general fund into the food service account to cover all bad debts no later than the end of each school year.


  • Students who have unpaid charged meals may not purchase a la carte items until the debt is paid.
  • Schools may only withhold meals from a student if they receive written direction from a parent or guardian.
  • It is a violation of the National School Lunch Program to continue to provide free meals to students who are not eligible for free meals.
  • If assistance is needed to complete application please call the Food Service Office
  • Please remember it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide a student with a meal, money, or the ability to purchase a meal.
  • For your convenience the Point of Sale system will allow you to pre-pay meals/a la carte by cash or check, or electronic funds transfer
Revised April 10, 2018 - due to Act 55 Sec1337 mandate