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The Bensalem Education Foundation (BEF) is pleased to recognize
our 2015-2016 volunteers:

Joshua Albert                          Pat Hughes                              Jess Ody

Mark Banchi                           Gail Iyer                                  Jacqui Owens 

Sam Bates                               Rose Jacobs                             Geoff Per

Ed Battiste                              Melanie Jenigen                      Susan Phy

Glenn Bevensee                      Lana Judy                               Diane Ramsay

Suzy Bibeck                            Carolyn Kerr                           Valerie Reti

Rosemary Boccella                 Aimee Krause                         Val Ridge

Jason Bowman                        Stacy Kutner                           Kim J. Rivera

Siobhan Byrnes                       Beth L’Heureux                      Megan Rivera

John Clancy                            Sam Lee                                  Steven Rosenberg

Dana Cochran                         Kathy Leon                             Raegan Ruiz

Marc Cohen – Treasurer          Bill Lewis – V. President        Jodie Sauers

Karen Cook                             Mary Lieble                             Frank Schilling

Michael Craig                          Josh Luther                             Jeanette Schilling – V. President

Jelena DaCosta                       Shawn Mark                            Anne Schneller

Sandy Dannas                         Karen McDermott                   Dan Schram

Ron Davis                               Kelly McGowan                     Ted Schueller

Sharon Dennis                         Kevin McKay                         Karen Sibley

Beth Dove                               Virginia McKay                      Marcus Smith

Andrew Ellis                           Jen McKeever                         Anna Marie Sneeringer

Mark Feinman                         Kathy McLaughlin                  Kathy Sullivan

William Ferrara                       Julie Michalesko                      Ed Tokmajian

Doug Ferraro                           CJ Mills                                   Lisa Tokmajian

Ellen Garfield                          Maria Mills                              Joan Toller

Steve Garstka                          Kaeleb Moghal                        Elena Toselli

Susan Harder                          Hasan Moghal                         Dan Walker

Fred Harran                             Michele Mooney                     Polly A. Welch

Leeann Hart                            Andy Moser                            Robert Whartenby

Paul Hartka                             Charlotte Moser – President   Mark Wilson

Jim Hawk                                Dan Moser                              Andy Windhausen

Sandy Henriques                     Victoria Moser                        Allison Wood

Anna Hentz                             Mike Nagao                            Tammy Wood-Moghal – Secretary

Sean Hicks                              Paul Nespola                           Bob Wright

Megan Holston-Alexander     Dave Nieves                            Michael Zimmerman              

Leonore Hope                         Lorraine Nolan
BEF would also like to recognize and thank the following supporters:
  • PARX Casinos for unrestricted grant for use in high school renovation.
  • Bensalem Alumni Association for partnering with us on the "Owl Walk" project.
  • Staff and management at Bar Louie's for providing discount coupons and raffle prize for networking event.
  • Everyone who donated to the Robotic's Designer Bag Bingo event.
  • American Paddy's Productions who have supported BEF in various capacities since our inception, including monetary donations from the Celtic Christmas Concert since 2013 ($4,000 over three years), talent donation for gala ($750 value), advertising and table presence at events including Philadelphia Fleadh and support of BEF programs including brick pavers ($200) and auditorium seats ($200).
  • The BHS theater group for providing a table during the shows and ad space in the fall play booklet.
  • The staff and educators throughout the district who have participated in the First Fridays events.
  • Frankie Lancos who spent hours helping position BEF with materials and information related to securing donations and planning our first gala.
  • The numerous community and school district volunteers who have donated their time by joining committees or otherwise helping to support BEF's efforts.
  • Riggins  Cafe who has sponsored our "Coffee for the Cafeteria" program and provided coffee samples during events and free gas for the random drawing.
  • Mark Feinman and Bob Wright from the Power Up Program for their time spent helping to explain the program to interested individuals and families throughout the district.
  • Judy Loftus Printing for providing tickets for gala and robotics bingo events.
  • PDQ Printing for assistance with logo, notecards and additional printing needs.
  • Neshaminy Barnes and Noble for raffle gifts and support of our summer reading fundraisers for the last two years.
  • Cherokee Day Camp for partnering with BEF for Family Fun Day 2016 and donating seven 2-week summer camp passes for our elementary school summer camp fundraiser.
  • Everyone who has assisted the BHS Fightin' Robotic Owls (FRO) Team #5401 in their quest to get to the World Championships in St. Louis.