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Most of the Foundation’s work will be completed via purpose-specific committees. Committees will be added as needed.
Current committees include:
  • Artwork preservation – Chaired by Jeanette Schilling, this committee is working to complete an inventory of the work in the high school, determining which pieces will be affected by the renovation, identifying a respectful preservation method, and raising the necessary funds for this effort.
    Jeanette Schilling, Chairperson
    Karen Cook
    Amy Krause
    Beth L'Heureux
  • Sponsorship project – Chaired by Bill Lewis, this committee is investigating an opportunity in the high school renovation project that will lend itself to honoring individuals and families that are part of the rich history of the Bensalem Township School District. Members of the community will be able to make individual or family purchases to see their name on a walkway at the front entrance of  the renovated school.
    Bill Lewis, Chairperson
    Val Ridge
    Kathy Sullivan
    Bob Whartenby
  • Athletic facilities – Chaired by Val Ridge, this committee is working to identify possible corporate partnerships and fundraisers to improve the athletic facilities at the high school. 
    Val Ridge, Chairperson
    Sean Hicks
    Mary Lieble
    CJ Mills 
    Geoff Per
    Dan Schram
    Ted Schueller
    Karen Sibley
  • Event planning committee - Chaired by Tammy Wood-Moghal, this committee is busy planning BEF's next event. Stay tuned for more information soon!

    Tammy Wood-Moghal, Chairperson
    Suzy Bibeck 
    Marc Cohen
    Rose Jacobs

    Jeanette Schilling
    Mark Wilson

  • STEM committee -  Chaired by Kevin McKay, this committee is focused on identifying possible partnerships and funding opportunities to support additional needs related to science, technology, engineering and math.

    Kevin McKay, Chairperson
    Jason Bowman
    Steve Garstka
    Heather Nicholas
    Michael Smalley  
    Chris Sterman
    Gloria Tafel
  • Performing arts committee - Chaired by CJ Mills, this committee is focused on identifying possible partnerships and funding opportunities to support additional needs related to the theater, music and performing arts areas of the renovation project.

    CJ Mills, Chairperson
    Joshua Albert
    LeeAnn Hart
    Anna Hentz
    Leonore Hope
    Stacy Kutner 

  • Distinguished alumni award committee Chaired by Rosemary Boccella, this committee is focused on recognizing Bensalem alumni who have achieved success in their chosen fields.

    Rosemary Boccella, Chairperson 
    Mark Banchi
    Michael Craig
    Jess Ody Elliott
    William Ferrara
    Leonore Hope
    Pat Hughes
    Anna Marie Sneeringer