• 2018 School Board Committees:

    Instructional Affairs: Heather Nicholas*
    Business Affairs: Marc Cohen*
    Personnel Committee: Kathy Lesnevec*
    The Committee of the Whole meets on the second Wednesday of each Month at 6:00 p.m.
    * = Denotes Chair and will report out at the meetings.
    1.Bucks County Technical High School Joint Board Committee
    Members: Kathleen Lesnevec*, Heather Nicholas, Kim Rivera, and Alternate Vanessa Woods
    Meets on fourth Monday of each Month.
    2. Bucks County I.U. #22 Joint Board Committee
    Member: Pamela Strange*
    Meets on third Tuesday of each Month.
    3. Bucks County Technical High School Authority
    Members: Albert J. Champion, Jr.,  Harry R. Kramer and George C. Seymour
    4. Bensalem Township Memorial Stadium and Bensalem High School Hall of Fame Committee 
    Members: Kim Rivera
    5. Co-Curricular Advisory Council
    Members: Kim Rivera* and Rachel Fingles
    Meets on first Monday of each Month.
    6. Bensalem Drug and Alcohol Committee
    Members: Vanessa Woods* and Marc Cohen
    Meets on second Wednesday of each Month.
    7. Township Council School Board Liaison
    Members: Rachel Fingles & Marc Cohen
    Meets on second and fourth Monday of each Month.
    8. Just for the Kids Education Foundation
    Member: Pamela Strange* and Kathy Lesnevec
    Meets on third Thursday of each Month.
    9. Budget Committee
    Members: Heather Nicholas, Marc Cohen and Kathy Lesnevec
    10. Charter School Committee
    Member: Heather Nicholas*, Stephanie Gonzalez Ferrandez and Anand Patel
    11. Facilities Committee
    Members:  Kim Rivera*, Stephanie Gonzalez Ferrandes and Heather Nicholas

    12.  Technology Committee
    Members: Kathleen Lesnevec*, Heather Nicholas and Anand Patel
    13.   Bensalem Education Foundation
    Members: Marc Cohen
    14.   Wellness Committee
    Members: Pam Strange* and Vanessa Woods