Owl Walk Bricks - Sponsorship Committee News

     Recognize a graduate
    Convey appreciation to parents
    Express gratitude to a faculty or staff member
    Honor a classmate
    Remember someone special
    Set your name in stone for years to come 

    Want to be a part of Owl Walk? 

    The sponsorship committee is proud to announce a partnership with the Bensalem Alumni Association to create Owl Walk, a commemorative brick walkway that was installed near the North entrance of the high school. Funds raised by this project will be used to support needs in the library. 
    Bricks can be purchased in 4"x 8" or 8"x 8" sizes:
    • 4" x 8" bricks cost $100 each  and can be inscribed with up to 3 lines of 18 characters* each.
    • 8" x 8" bricks cost $200 each and can be inscribed with up to 6 lines of 18 characters* each.
    *Spaces and symbols also count as characters.
    Donor certificates and commemorative bricks can be ordered for an additional fee when placing online orders.
    Bricks can be ordered in the following ways: 
    • Order online at www.bricksrus.com/order/BHS
    • Complete this form and submit payment with check payable to "Bensalem Education Foundation." Orders can be mailed to Bensalem Education Foundation, Attn: Owl Walk, 3000 Donallen Dr, Bensalem, PA 19020
    Bensalem Township School District, Bensalem Alumni Association and Bensalem Education Foundation have the right to review text for appropriateness and to decline those that do not reflect the spirit of the project.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    When will the walk be installed?
    The initial installation took place prior to the re-dedication of Bensalem High School on September 16, 2017.  Brick sales are on-going, so order today!
    Where will the walk be located?
    The walk is located near the sidewalk area to the left at the North entrance.
    Can I use a logo on the brick?
    Yes, logos can be placed on bricks for a set-up fee of $50 plus $5 engraving fee per brick ordered with the logo.
    • For example, if you want an 8" x 8" brick with a logo, it will cost $255 ($200 brick cost + $50 logo set-up fee + $5 engraving fee). 
    • If you want two 8" x 8" bricks with the same logo on them the first one would cost $255, but the second one would only cost $205.
    Because of variation in the size of logos, the amount of space that remains for lettering will vary on a case by case basis. Therefore, the logo would need to be submitted in advance of any text requests. so that the company can evaluate the spacing and determine the remaining number of characters.
    If you are interested in this opportunity, please email us at educationfoundation@bensalemsd.org, so that we can work with you directly.
    What is a donor gift certificate and a donor commemorative brick?
    The vendor for this project, Bricks R Us, offers people who place online orders these additional options. The donor certificate costs an additional $10 and show an image of a brick with the inscription on the brick purchased for the walk. The donor commemorative brick costs an additional $25 or $35 (depending upon which size brick you ordered) and is a duplicate brick that comes with a felt backing for display. These opportunities are only available for online orders.
    Can I purchase a brick and put someone else's name on it?
    Yes, you can purchase a brick in honor or memory of another person. However, as with every brick order, the Bensalem Township School District, the Bensalem Alumni Association and the Bensalem Education Foundation have the right to review text for appropriateness and to decline those that do not reflect the spirit of the project. 
    Can I pick the color of brick?
    No. The color of bricks has been determined in advance. They will be natural gray in color.  
    About the committee
    Chaired by Bill Lewis, this committee is working in partnership with the Bensalem Alumni Association to raise funds through the development of Owl Walk at the entrance of the renovated high school .
    Bill Lewis, Chairperson