• Employee Ambassador Award

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    The Employee Ambassador Award (EAA) recognizes employees throughout the School District who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts, inspired others, have modeled school district values or have had a positive contribution towards students achieving excellence or success in either the classroom or within the broader school community. The EAA recognition can also be awarded to an employee who demonstrates unusual competence, courage or performance in an emergency situation or under unusual difficulties or circumstances, and/or for original suggestions, developments, or major improvements in methods, organization or procedures, or for work on a particular project which resulted in a substantial benefit to the district.


    Teaching Staff – One award will be presented to a professional educator, either a certified administrator or teacher.

    Support Staff - One award will be presented to a support staff member from any of the following areas: Custodial/Maintenance, Cafeteria, Vehicle Maintenance Center , Secretaries/Confidentials, or the ESPA membership.


    The EAA will be presented two (2) times per year at the end of each semester. An employee can only receive the EAA once during a particular school year.



    Nominations can be submitted by employees, parents, students, and community members by completion and submission of an EAA Nomination Form to the Human Resources Department.

    Selection Process

    An EAA Selection Committee will be formed at the beginning of each school year to serve in the selection process of EAA awards. The members will be made up of both permanent and voluntary/rotational members, including administrators, employees, and PTO/PTG community representatives. The EAA committee is charged with reviewing and scoring each nomination packet submitted using a scoring rubric, yet to be developed. The committee may contact the nominated employee’s immediate supervisor in an effort to further evaluate/validate the nomination received.


    The EAA will be presented to the deserving individual at a scheduled Board of School Directors’ Meeting and additional peer recognition/celebration scheduled at the building or department to which the employee is assigned. The EAA recipient will be featured on the school district’s web site and a Press Release sent to the news media.

    Ambassador of the Year Press Releases