• Taking the PATI Survey:
    1. You will need your PPID. Visit this link to obtain your ID# Get PPID

    if the first link did not direct you properly, go to this link... If at first you don't succeed...

    when the page loads, choose the link shown in the picture to the right...

    2. IF YOU ARE A CFF TEACHER, you will need your CFF # which can be found in the spreadsheet below
    (click inside the spreadsheet and you can scroll down.)

    3. Get the "Teacher Key" for your school:

    . Log In: Your login is probably your first initial, last name (i.e. wgretzula)
    High School teachers might have some luck finding their login in the table below, but watch out for typos!

    Password:You created it last year. Try your usual password or "Bensalem"
    If that doesn’t work click on the "Account Reminder" button and have your login info sent to your school email address.

    If you are new to BHS this year you will have to "create an account"

    5. go to this website
    Take the PATI survey

    6. After logging in, you need to set up your survey. To do this, click on “My Surveys” (on the left hand side of the page).
    When the dialogue box appears, click "Add New Survey"

    7. You will need to go back to the "HOME" page. Click the link in the upper left corner. Your new survey will now be there.

    8. Start the survey.