• Welcome to my Introduction to Macintosh Section!

    Here is where you will find all of the training materials I used and additional information to help you get the most out of your MacBook Pro.

    This is the outline of the "fastest ever" training you experienced!

    Make sure you have everything and sign the agreement.  Consider buying a case for your machine to protect it!

    ** Time Machine - Back up your machine every week or so!


    ** Bensalem SD and Portal shortcuts in Safari


    ** Add Firefox (or any other program)to your dock

    ** Connecting to network drives throughout the day(Z, Staff Public, Student Public)

    ** Computer Home vs Z drive (demonstration)

    ** Search your machine with Spotlight


    **  The Finder (demonstration)


    **  Right mouse click


    ** Closing pages vs closing programs (demonstration)


    ** Screen Saver Password

    ** System Preferences (demonstration)

    ** View Documents Super Fast with your Space Bar