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Health and Nursing Services

The Bensalem Township School District offers a variety of health-related services to school-age children free of charge through the auspices of the school nurse. These services include:

  • emergency first aid, illness care,
  • growth assessment (all students are weighed and measured annually),
  • vision screening (all children are given a vision test every year),
  • auditory or hearing testing (all children grades K through 3 and grades 7 and 11 are given an acuity test yearly), and
  • scoliosis screening (all children in grades 6 and 7 are screened annually).

Parents are reminded that:

The school nurses encourage all parents to have these examinations performed by their personal physicians and dentists, and to return the test results (via the appropriate form) to the child's home school no later than September 30th.

Proof of Immunization must be presented at the time of registration. According to Pennsylvania State Law, all children are required to have the following immunizations before they may ENTER school:

DIPTHERIA AND TETANUS: 4 or more properly spaced doses of DTP, DtaP, Td or DT, or any combination of the three with 1 dose administered on or after the fourth birthday.

POLIO: 3 or more properly spaced doses of polio vaccine.

MEASLES (Rubella): 2 properly spaced doses of measles vaccine (preferably MMRII) with the first dose administered at 12 months or older.

GERMAN MEASLES (Rubella): 1 dose of rubella (preferably MMRII) administered at 12 months.

MUMPS: 2 dose of mumps (preferably MMRII) administered at 12 months or older.

HEPATITIS B: 3 properly spaced doses of hepatitis B vaccine.

VARICELLA: 2 dose of varicella administered at 12 months or older, laboratory evidence of the disease or signed immunity statement.
DIPTHERIA, TETANUS, ACELLULAR PERTUSSIS (Tdap): If five (5) years have elapsed sinced last tetanus containing vaccine.

District Medication Policy

A note from the doctor and a written parental request are required prior to the administration of over the counter and prescription medications. The "Authorization for Medications Form" is below.
Click Here for "Authorization for Medication Form"

Medications should be brought to school in the original labeled container (a one-day's supply or only the amount of medication that will be administered in school). When having your child's prescription filled, ask the pharmacist for a second labeled container if your child will be required to take the prescription medication in school.

Medication should be "checked in" with the nurse or secretary.

Children requiring Epi-Pensfor severe allergic reactions should have them available for immediate self administration at all times.

Children may carry their own inhalers after properly demonstrating self administration.

Additional Information or Useful Health Tips

Please fill out your child's "HEALTH EMERGENCY FORM" and return it to the school as quickly as possible after the first day of school. Please check with the person that you list to be contacted in the event of an emergency when you cannot be reached. It is distressing to your child and to us when we call and the person can't or won't come to pick up your child.

When your child has had a fever and/or has been vomiting during the night, he/she should stay at home. We understand that children may want to come to school, but everyone else (both students and staff alike) is exposed to this illness.

Medical Forms (PDF format)